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Mumbai reports 9,327 new COVID cases


On 10th April:-

New Cases - 9,327

Discharges - 8,474

Deaths - 50

Till 10th April:-

Active cases - 91,198

Total discharges - 4,06,087

Total deaths - 11,959

Recovery Rate - 79 per cent

Doubling Rate - 34 days

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Mumbai reports 8,938 new COVID cases



New Cases - 8,938

Discharges - 4,503

Deaths - 23

Till date:-

Active cases - 86,279

Total discharges - 3,92,514

Total deaths - 11,874

Recovery Rate - 80 per cent

Doubling Rate - 33 days

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Mumbai reports 10,428 new COVID cases


Mumbai reported 10,428 new COVID-19 cases today.


Discharges - 6,007

Deaths - 23

Till date:-

Active cases - 81,886

Total discharges - 3,88,011

Total deaths - 11,851

Recovery Rate - 80 per cent

Doubling Rate - 35 days

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Water taxis, ROPAX Ferries will be part of Mumbai's transportation soon


In a bid to promote eco-friendly waterways transportation and reduce the traffic load of crowded Mumbai city roads, 4 new routes for ROPAXferry services and 12 new routes of Water Taxi are planned to be operational by December 2021.

Minister of State (I/C) for Ports, Shipping and Waterways Manuskh Mandaviya today chaired a meeting to review the Urban Water Transportation projects for Mumbai, Maharashtra. Senior Officials of the Ministry, Chairperson of Mumbai Port and officials of Maharashtra Maritime Board and other stakeholders participated in the meeting.

Currently, ROPAX ((roll-on/roll-off passenger) service from Bhaucha Dhakka (Ferry Wharf) to Mandwa (Alibag) is successfully operating by reducing the road journey of 110 km to about 18 km by using waterways, thereby reducing travel time of daily commuters from about 3-4 hours to merely one hour. Following the success of this ferry service, similar services are planned to be operational at various other routes in Mumbai. 

Mr Mansukh Mandaviya, Minister of State (I/C) for Ports, Shipping and Waterways stated that operationalization of new waterways routes is a big step towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision of harnessing waterways and integrating them with the economic development of the country. It will open up new opportunities and avenues to create an ecosystem and network of such ROPAX services and Water Taxi services at numerous other routes in all coastal states.

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Mumbai Police list out updated Lockdown guidelines for city


Mumbai Police has announced updated Lockdown Guidelines for the city in the wake of the rising number of COVID guidelines.

They are as follows:- 

Public Places:-

Weekdays (7am-8pm) - the movement of no more than 5 people allowed

Weekdays (8pm-7am) and 8pm Fri to 7am Mon - no movement except essential services

Beaches - Closed till 30 Apr

Gardens/Public Grounds - Open from 7am-8pm on weekdays - no more than 5 people allowed

Shops/Markets/Malls - To remain closed (except essential services)

Essential Services - Allowed to operate at all times

Public Transport:

Auto rickshaw - Driver + 2
Taxi - Driver + 50% capacity
Bus - Full seating capacity, no standing

Private Vehicles:

Weekdays (7am-8pm) - Allowed
Weekdays (8pm-7am) & 8pm Fri to 7am Mon - Only for essential services

Person Arriving/Departing By Train/Bus/Flight - Can travel at all times

Industrial Workers Travelling By Pvt Buses/Vehicles- Can travel at all times using valid ID card

Students Travelling To Attend Exam- Can travel with valid hall ticket

Govt Offices:

50 per cent capacity
No visitors allowed

Govt Offices Required For Response To COVID-19, Electricity, Water, Banking & Financial Services:- 100 per cent capacity

Pvt Offices: To remain closed (except essential services, those exempted by Govt)

Film/TV Shooting - Allowed with conditions

Religious/Social/Cultural/Political Functions - Not allowed

Recreation/Entertainment Services (cinema/theatre/audi/arcade/water parks/clubs/swimming pool/gym/sports complexes) - To remain closed

Restaurants/Bars - To stay closed (except those inside hotels)

Take Away/Parcel/Home Delivery:
Weekdays (7am-8pm)
Weekends - Only Home Delivery

Roadside Eatable Vendors - Only home delivery from 7am-8pm

Religious places - To stay closed

Barber Shops/Spa/Salon/Parlours - To remain closed

Schools/Colleges/Pvt Coaching Classes - To remain closed (except 10-12 exams)

Marriages - Max. 50 attendees

Funeral - Max. 20 people allowed

Newspaper Printing and Circulation - Home delivery allowed from 7am-8pm

Essential Services/Manufacturing Sector/Oxygen Producers/E-Commerce/Construction - To remain operational

Wine Shop - Closed (No delivery allowed either)

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Mumbai reports 10,030 new COVID cases


Mumbai reported 10,030 new COVID-19 cases today.


Discharges - 7,019

Deaths - 31

Till date:-

Active cases - 77,495

Total discharges - 3,82,004

Total deaths - 11,829

Recovery Rate - 81 per cent

Doubling Rate - 38 days

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Mumbai reports 9,857 new COVID cases


Mumbai has reported 9,857 new COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours.

For last 24 hours:-

Discharges - 3,357

Deaths - 21

Till date:-

Active cases - 74,552

Total discharges - 3,74,985

Total deaths - 11,797

Recovery Rate - 81 per cent

Doubling Rate - 40 days

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Mumbai reports 11,163 new COVID cases


Mumbai today reported 11,163 new COVID-19 cases.


Discharges - 5,623

Deaths - 25

Till date:-

Active cases - 68,052

Total discharges - 3,71,628

Total deaths - 11,776

Recovery Rate - 82 per cent

Doubling Rate - 42 days

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COVID Vaccination Centres in Mumbai to remain open today


In the wake of the surge in COVID-19 cases in Mumbai, BMC has decided to keep all the COVID-19 Vaccination Centres in the city open today.

In a tweet posted this morning, BMC announced,

"This Sunday, Let's Bring The Virus Down 

In order to ramp up city's vaccination drive, all COVID Vaccination Centres will stay operational today.

If you are 45+, visit your nearest centre with Aadhaar/PAN/any other photo ID and get your COVID-19 Vaccination."

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Mumbai witnesses 8,832 new COVID cases today


Mumbai today reported 8832 new COVID19 cases.


Discharges - 5352 

Deaths - 20

Till date:-

Active cases - 58,455

Total discharges - 3,61,043

Total deaths - 11,724

Recovery Rate - 84 per cent

Doubling Rate - 46 days

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