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India starts tenure as non permanent member of UN Security Council


India is becoming the non-permanent member of the UN Security Council for the 8th time today for a period 2021-2022. Let's take a look at the historical journey
of India at the Security Council

Past tenures of India at Security Council 

  1. 1950-51 - India as a president of UNSC, presided over the adoption of resolutions calling for the cessation of hostilities during the Korean war and for assistance to the Republic of Korea.
  2. 1967-68 - India co-sponsored resolution 238 extending mandate of UN Mission in Cyprus. First-ever security council resolution drafted by India
  3. 1972-73 - India pushed strongly for admission of Bangladesh into the UN. Resolution not adopted because of veto by a Permanent Member
  4. 1977-78 - India was a strong voice for African Countries in UNSC and spoke against Apartheid. India also spoke about Namibia's independence.
  5. 1984-85 - India raised voice for resolution of conflicts in the Middle East especially the Palestine, Lebanon etc.
  6. 1991-92 - India participated in the first-ever summit talks and spoke about India's role in the maintenance of peace and security
  7. 2011-12 - India raised strong voice for the developing countries and against counter-terrorism.

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